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Why sell with me?

An unmatched strategy makes all the difference

The Toronto real estate market is unpredictable and volatile. I use my proven strategies and marketing to adapt to the ever-changing market conditions.
Staging & Photos
Today’s buyers are looking online. I’ll get you show ready.
Fairer Commission
I charge a lower listing fee while delivering better results.
Social Marketing
I will ensure powerful social exposure to get your property noticed.

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    How does it all work?

    My customized path to selling smarter

    No Obligation Buyer Consultation
    You need a full understanding of your property’s strengths and weaknesses in relation to your competition. Properly identifying the right strategy will depend on this crucial step.
    Is it the Right Time to Sell - For You?
    Selling a property is not a decision to be taken lightly. We’ll have to be sure it aligns with your financial goals and expectations before we begin.
    Price and Strategy
    I will analyze the market trends, recent neighborhood sales, and potential external influences to suggest the ideal selling price. We will explore the offer night multiple offer option and I will suggest the correct strategy for you.
    Staging done right
    Staging can pay off with great returns or be wasteful to the budget. My partnerships with professional staging consultants will ensure maximum returns on only the necessary upgrades.
    Photography and Marketing Materials
    I use only the best photographers and designers with modern design principles to ensure your property appeals to the correct demographic of buyers. I personally approve all graphic work before it is public.
    Virtual Tour
    In today’s online world most of the buyers will evaluate your property before setting foot in the door. I will ensure they have the best experience while doing so.
    Floor Plans
    More and more buyers plan out their lives in the property before making a commitment to buy. I commission floor plans to allow them to picture their lives in the property for deeper attachment.
    Marketing Online and on Social Networks
    I will not only list your property on MLS, and all major real estate websites, but also run demographically and geographically targeted campaigns on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.
    Accepting the offer and Closing
    Navigating the legal text of the offer is often overlooked and can pose unexpected liability issues and other legal problems. I will ensure all your requirements are legally binding and help avoid potential disputes by doing the job right.
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